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The most experienced directors and screenwriters of the moment are ready to dress your ideas in cinematic clothes!
We work with a wide range of artists, approaching different musical genres, seeking to develop uniquely crafted looks and moods for each and every music video that we put our name on. We are focused on offering the complete pre-production, production and post-production range of music video specific services. Whether it is about shooting a recording session of a cover song, a one shot music video or a more complex one, we are set to deliver cinematic imagery that will create instant connection with your audience!

Our team (directors, set designers, cameramen, image directors, videographers, photographers, choreographers, make-up & hair stylists, talent & location scouters) redefine professionalism standards in projects of any size.

Music Videos


On the set, shooting a Music Video for Mia Gold

Music Video Producer 's role when shooting a music video

Right after the producer, the director plays a crucial role in everything that involves making a music video that fits within an agreed budget and relates to the agreed quality standards. A music video director controls the creative side based on his technical expertise, basically he is the element of connection between the artist and the rest of the team (camera operators, dop, grip, scriptwriter, editor, colorist, etc.). The role of the director in a music video is paramount, since he will decide both the essential equipment to be used in the shooting process (the camera, the objectives, etc.), but also all the creative aspects - camera movements, framing, mood, etc.

A music video producer takes into account the whole context of that particular project

Inspired by the music, he builds elements that will translate his vision and will recommend different approaches to the artist

As cinematography and video solution aggregators, we work with the best video directors out there. Whenever an artist wants a recommendation regarding who would be the best director for a particular music video, our approach is to organize a casting. For this purpose, we send the video script, if any, along with look and mood references (other music videos that are relevant: look, story, locations, type of edit, etc.), then we make suggestions regarding the most suitable directors, accompanied by budget estimates for each of them; if there is no script available, a casting of screenplays can be set up, too, following which the winning scriptwriter chooses the director and the filming team with whom they would like to collaborate to shoot the music video with, or we will recommend a music video director that would best fit the idea of the video, with a budget quotation attached.

On the set, shooting a Music Video for Pepe

Shooting a Music Video for Golan

The artists' performing skills are highly important when shooting a music video

There are a lot of factors that will complement the role of a music video director in shooting a music video, the most important being: the look and attitude of the artist and / or figuration in the respective video (an artist with the right attitude, filmed on a white background will be more interesting to watch than an inexpressive artist with state of the art shooting set in the background); the location or locations where the video is shot, but also their set design, and how they are enhanced by the director's vision by choosing the right shooting angles, framing and camera movements, placing some set elements and assisting the dop in setting up the lights for the right mood, adding "depth" to a shot; the equipment used - yes, it may come as a suprise, but the equipment used is not of primary importance, it will start to make a difference only after the aforementioned elements (attitude of protagonists, location, director's vision, lights) have been addressed. If you want a personalized quote for your video, do not hesitate to send us as much information (the song, references of videos that inspired you, ideas) using the form below, or by writing us on whatsapp.

Shooting a cinematic looking music video involves a lot of experience

The proper equipment only adds up, but not replacing experience

As video producers, and cinematography solution aggregators, we choose the director suitable for each type of project. Sometimes, where the budget allows, we organize castings of scenarios, following which the chosen scenario will be put into practice by the most suitable director for the idea of ​​that video, and even choose the rest of the team according to the director's recommendations. If necessary, in order for the artist to have a clearer idea about what will be shot, a storyboard is made, respectively, the director's cut, which includes more or less detailed description and images of the scenes and their time frames to be shot. Sometimes it happens that the director is also the one who operates the camera, if he has the necessary skills. The opposite is not an option, respectively, a camera operator who can assume the role of director only because he knows how to use that camera, which is, by the way, one of the most common reasons why a video looks "cheap.

Shooting a music video for Alarma



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