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The right songs are and will remain the key factor for a successful musical career

And this is why most of the major artists are always picking each of their next singles after recording the best demo songs they got from some of the most famous music producers , painstakingly twisting the words with the modern poets - the lyrics writers , spending countless hours in the recording studio , crafting the lead and backing vocal melodies (toplines) with their vocal coacher / vocal producer, all of these in order to get a final release that fits their musical persona, vocal range, and also that are appropriate for their audiences. Here, at Songwriting Experts, we took care of all of these in advance, so that we could offer you "ready to be released" demo songs - all that you have to do is pick the ones that you like the most and record your vocals on top of the backing tracks that we'll send you after signing the papers, either in our studio (which is recommended, since we also have one of the best vocal microphone ever created - the AKG C24, the stereo version of the famous AKG C12) or remotely, in a professional recording studio within your proximity (we'll get in touch with them for setting up the technical details), then send us the recording session projects so that we could edit the recorded vocals, fine-tune them, then adding that polished touch of our professional mixing and mastering services.

Our Demo Songs are waiting for your vocals to make them shine!

Some of the best songwriters we are working with are constantly releasing demo songs that are written with nowadays musical trends in mind, so that we could bring you the most relevant songs to both your style and your audiences. We pick the most radio-friendly musical ideas from all of the songwriting teams, session musicians, instrument players and the music production studios that we are collaborating with, supervising all the details of the songwriting process , so we could turn them into your next musical release! This way, instead of booking studio time on your local recording studios, waiting for the record producers to send you rough, meaningless sketches, by choosing one of our demo songs above you can concentrate on more important things, like shooting the music video (by the way, we happen to collaborate with some of the best music videos producers out there, too), choosing the best promotion and marketing strategy that would fit the message of the song, and so on.

Demo songs are the best way to fine-tune and define your musical persona

Recording dozens of cover songs won't get you far - you risk to become the next karaoke singer to your potential audiences. You need to build your image based on original songs, that your listeners can relate to, in order to turn masses into faithful fans, that will buy your music, book tickets to your concerts, share your releases with their friends, and that will make you grow as an artist, in the end! The proper demo songs are the best tools for your development, since they give you the chance to try on different approaches and pick the ones that will make you stand out in an already overly crowded music business. And, let's be real - sometimes you only get one shot - releasing a single implies so much more than just recording the song and upload it on your social media channels - you will also need a music video (even the ones made on a budget can be effective, if they are based on a good idea) and a promotion strategy - so you can't afford to pick the wrong song to invest in! We definitely encourage you to try on recording several of our demo songs in order to pick the one that will fit you the most!

The advantages of working with a professional team of experienced songwriters and music producers

We've learned a lot in all these years of working with musicians from all over the world, and we always seek to offer the best experience for our collaborators (since we find that "customer" is a totally inappropriate word to use when dealing with music, which is nothing else that transfer of emotions, after all). We listened to their needs and tried to came up with the best answers, then worked on improving them even further and integrate them into a customized "results-targeted system" that would finally make working with us the only option for them! Facts that are worth mentioning when considering working with us:
  • Our Demo Songs are signed on an exclusive basis agreement - meaning that only the artist that we are signing the agreement with will be allowed to publish the final release, then the demo song will move to the "Portfolio" section of our website - this way, you can stay assured that that particular master record will remain yours only and you will be the only one entitled to monetize it!;
  • All of the papers with the songwriters are pre-signed and registered at the appropriate copyright offices and collecting societies, so our songs are copyright protected;
  • We have a flexible payment system (up to several installments, according the each stage of the collaboration process);
  • We also do co-writing sessions, so we could split both the work and the revenues;
  • Each of our project is treated in a timely manner - it will always get delivered as agreed !
Don't hesitate to get in touch by filling up the contact form with your project's details and we'll get back with a personalized quotation within the next 24 hours!