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 Online Mastering and Mixing Professional Services



Our approach to mixing and mastering is a holistic one, based on both technical details (combining valuable insights regarding the crest factor, masking frequencies, etc.) and a creative one (using effects like reversed reverb, pitch shifting techniques, etc.). In the pursuit of a really outstanding version for you song, we go from taking care of subtle details (like improving the stereo image ) to more obvious aspects while abusing the creative side of mixing and mastering.

Online Mastering and Mixing Studio Services

Sending your song for mixing and mastering can be a challenge these days, with so many options to choose from. We’re here to make this choice a no-brainer, by offering personalized quotation based on the complexity of your project and also sending a free demo of the mixed and mastered version of your song.

All you will have to do is send us the separate stems (multi-track) audio files of your project in wav or aiff format and also some songs (links should be fine) that could be used as a reference (already released songs of which overall sound you might find desirable for your project). Sending Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X or Pro Tools project files is also an option. Make sure that no effects others than the one that you really insist on keeping are used on the tracks – we’ll definitely have some better options and we’ll make more educated decisions when it comes to eq’ing, compression, adding reverbs, etc. Feel free to send us your own version of mixed song, but expect for some serious adjustments – in the end, that’s why you choose your song to us. A common trap is the “temp love”, which means the tendency to get used to the temporary sound that you came up with so far. Always allow yourself to listen to different mix versions of your songs after a several days break in order to have a more objective position.

We’ll  get back to you with a demo version of the mixed and mastered version and maybe some recommendations regarding ways to improve the sound of your song on the production stage (like re-recording some instruments, adding backing vocals, replacing some of the sounds, etc.). There is the possibility of totally re-orchestrating your song in order to get closer to the sound that you are after. You can listen to some examples of our work on custom songwriting and you should also check our music production page if you want to find out more about our team of producers, songwriters and mixing & mastering engineers.







Getting that professional, polished sound to your music it’s all about experience.

Our portfolio includes mixing and mastering of several hundreds of songs already, on musical genres ranging from orchestral music to live bands, hip-hop to opera, dubstep to acoustic sessions. Down below you can listen to some before & after of our mixing and mastering magic touch!

Mixing and Mastering Before & After Comparison

First of all, you should first be sure that you are listening to our next examples of how mixing and mastering can make a whole lotta difference to your song using decent monitoring (sound speakers or headphones) in a quiet environment, so that you could notice all those details that make a song shine, even though a day & night difference would be noticeable even on most common laptop or phone speakers.

Pop Song Mixing

Pop Song Mastering

Hip-Hop Mixing

Hip-Hop Mastering

EDM Song Mixing

EDM Song Mastering

If you want to have a better idea of how our mixing and mastering skills would benefit your project, please check out our recording studio , demo songs and portfolio page – with definitely more examples on how  modern mixing and mastering could make your song stand out!


Modern Mixing Services

Mixing techniques have continuously evolved and adapted to the digital world, so that what seemed to be enough few years ago (controlling the dynamics, stereo placement and depth of your song elements) is only perceived as a basic approach to mixing nowadays. Every other studio may have the tools: a properly acoustic treated room, professional studio monitors, hardware gear and tons of plugins, but it’s the way these tools are creatively used with crazy attention to details that will definitely make a song stand out. It’s no longer enough to “set and forget” a compressor on the vocals when for today’s Billboard charted songs, most of the time painstaking word and syllable-based automation approach is required. It’s not about making those drums “thump” by raising/cutting the low/mid/hi frequencies anymore, it’s definitely about knowing which equalizer is best for what purpose, comparing and maybe stacking them accordingly. Every song is unique, so that’s how every mixing session should be.

Multichannel Surround Mixing – 3.0, 2.1, LCRS and Quadrophonic Four Channel (4.0), 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 (SSDS)

Since the widespread of the surround consumer sound systems, mixing for surround has quickly become a must for the movies industry, and it is definitely an art by itself. Having more freedom when it comes to panning makes it even more of a challenge: knowing what to place on which side (center, left, right) is both a matter of how to properly spread the audio information in the surround paradigm (splitting it between the mono correlated / phantom center and the left, right, front, back sides) and also keeping it relevant to what’s happening on the screen.

Mastering For iTunes (MFiT)

We also supply the high-resolution master file so that you can get the “Mastered for iTunes” badge next to your song, for future-proof and better encoding of your song.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free demo of our online mixing and mastering services!

Online Mastering Services

Mastering is about getting that extra depth and loudness and it can do wonders to a professional crafted mix. Most of the times, we prefer to make both the mixing and the mastering, but when only mastering process is needed, we’d really appreciate it if you could also send us both the mixed version of your song and also the main elements of your songs as separate tracks (drums, vocals, bass, synths, etc.), so that we could really focus on the magic side of changing the sound through mastering, rather than using it for repairing those things that were not nailed properly during the mixing stage.