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What can we help you with? Let us join you in this creative journey! Full Production includes the process of songwriting, backing track production(instrumental), recording instruments, lead and backing vocals, mixing and mastering; Backing track production - we produce the instrumental; Recording instruments with session players (if you need real instruments to be added to an existing track - we have everything covered, from guitars, sax, trumpet to ethnic instruments, and even the capacity of recording a full real orchestra); Mixing and/or Mastering - giving that polished, pro sound to an already recorded project; Topline writing - creating lead and backing vocal melodies; Recording vocals with our session musicians - if you have an instrumental that you'd like us to find the perfect vocalist for; Remixing - giving a completely new sound to your songs, being EDM or acoustic versions; Advice on your musician career - answering your questions regarding possible promoting strategies for your new release, monetization, publishing, etc.
Please give us some examples (links are fine) of the sound that you're after, also previous similar releases of yours would help (if it applies), maybe some details regarding the release strategy (do you intend to also release a music video, remixes, etc.)?
It can be a rough voice recording, the lyrics, the rough mix, etc.
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When contacting our songwriting team, please provide as detailed information as possible.

Check the dedicated pages for further info & portfolio examples that are relevant to each of the related topics:

  • Custom songwritingMusic production tailored to your needs – please send us some examples of songs that might be considered as a reference, and  point out each particular aspect that you might find relevant for your project (maybe it’s about the type of the orchestration, the lyrics, etc.);
  • Demo Songs – Full productions for male & female vocalists, including lyrics, access to professional recording studio, mixing and mastering – please take a listen to our radio-ready, Billboard friendly songs and beats produced by our songwriting team – those can be licensed as they are or customized to your taste;
  • Mixing & Mastering – Get that polished sound that your songs deserve! Along with the multitrack or maybe the Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio or other DAW’s project files, we’ll need some songs that could be used as a reference, sound-wise;
  • Lyric Writing – You need the right words to deliver the most of your song. Send us some examples of songs of which lyrics you are really digging and maybe the message that your song should have and we’ll get back to you asap.
  • Movie Scoring – If you are looking for that cinematic sound or the perfectly suited music or sound alikes for your media, please send us some examples of songs that might fit into frame;
  • Toplines / Vocal Production – Writing vocal melodic lines and backing vocals for your song; please send us the instrumental and some previous recordings of the singer (if that applies) – we’ll schedule a skype session with the vocal performer of the song and get build that perfect topline for his/her vocal range;
  • Recording studio – The best microphone for recording vocals (AKG C24, the stereo version of AKG C12) is waiting for your voice to make it shine! Book our studio in advance and take advantage of our most affordable hourly rates!
  • Product reviews – if you need your music related services or  products, musical instruments, software, plugins, hardware equipment, etc. to be featured in our in-depth reviews and music production tutorials, please don’t hesitate to contact us;