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Our R&B and Soul Songwriters and Record Producers are ready to get those soulful chords, groovy bass lines, mellow vocal melodies and harmonies glued together for your next release.

Rnb - Soul Backing Tracks & Demo Songs, Instrumentals

R&B, Soul Songwriters Producers

RNB & Soul Demo Songs – Give your next single that mellow sexy sound

Writing RnB and Soul songs it’s all about feelings and properly conveying the message, and our songwriters and producers are delivering their best with our latest “ready to be released” RnB and Soul Demo songs, containing complete arrangements, lead and backing vocal hooks by our some of the best vocal producers and topliners out there, meaningful lyrics by pro lyric writers and that professional sound magically crafted by our top rated mixing and mastering engineers, all these waiting for the icing on the cake, that being your vocals on top. So feel free to write us your thoughts on which of our demo songs you found to be the most appropriate for your style and we’ll take care of all the formalities for releasing them. We’ll constantly release Rnb Demo songs in the style of Usher, Ne-Yo, Beyonce, Rihanna, Omarion, etc. , so please make sure to subscribe to our RnB newsletter list.

Rnb & Soul Demo Songs – Songwriters & Producers

Working on your next single

If you have some particular sound that you are after, please contact our songwriting team by filling up the form on our contact page (please give us some examples of songs that you’re digging) and we’ll get back asap with further details. As mentioned everywhere on our website, our master record production deals are signed on an exclusive basis, so you will be the only one entitled to have the first fixation of the song and also get all of the neighbouring rights related monetization. In a world crowded with websites with beats for sale sounding all the same, lousy made templates and construction kits, the same chord progressions, midis and lyrics, used over and over again, we dare to spend countless studio hours into offering you the real genuine rnb & soul sound with our demo songs, so if you find yourself to have the same mindset, please join us in writing some great music together!



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