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Our portfolio includes Billboard charted artists
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Mixing And

Skilled mixing and mastering engineers using industry leading tools
ready to get that professional polished sound to your songs.

Music Videos

Showcasing your music with proper visual content is mandatory nowadays. Our experienced music videos directors will make your single stand out in the most cinematic possible way.


Remixing your song is one of the best ways to
present your song to new audiences.

Songwriters, Music Producers, Beatmakers, Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Remix Producers, Lyric Writers

Music Video Directors, Scriptwriters, Producers

Music Production


Demo Songs And Beats

Backing Tracks

Complete demo songs and backing tracks ready to be released with your vocals on top.

Music Videos


Music videos shooting and directing, lyric videos, making of, all sorts of video content.

Music Production

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Music Production, Songwriting, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Music Video Production, Shooting, Lyric Videos

Music Video Production Services

Looking for THAT studio to help you bring your musical ideas to life? Challenge accepted! Send us as many details about the sound you want, along with some examples of songs that you find to be relevant for you, and prepare to be amazed by the attention to the details that our music producers, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers can put into the sound that should define your musical persona, taken even further by our music video producers and directors' obsession for perfection about how a music video should look and feel.

Let's dig into some examples of what we can do for you - so, if you are looking for a song that could be your next single, head on to our pre-produced demo songs, ready to be recorded and released.

Next option would be our custom songwriting and music production services, if you happen to have a sound that you're after - we'd love to further develop it together! <br>

Writing your own lyrics or creating your own vocal melodies, but you feel that they need additional production (backing tracks or maybe just the backing vocal harmonies)? Send us your ideas, whether these are melodic vocal lines (acapella), lyrics or anything else that might be a starting point, and we'll take care of the rest - the production of the backing tracks, vocal melodies crafted for your vocal range, ideas for backing vocals, lyrics writing, you name it!

Music Videos


Music Video Producers, Directors, DoP 's, Editors, Colorists, Coreographers

Music Video Production, Shooting, Coreography, Editing, Color Grading, Kinetic Typography

Artist development vs. artist management - Releasing great songs, shooting music videos, developing proper release strategies and touring

Our music production services could not be complete without mentioning our top notch recording studio, the icing on the cake being our beloved AKG C24 (the stereo version of AKG C12), which is one of the best microphone out there, and definitely our first pick when recording vocals.

Further more, you are invited to try our premium mixing and mastering services, when everything is already recorded and properly produced and all you need is the icing on the cake - that polished, professional sound!

Ok, so your single came out exactly as you wished in terms of the music production, after a couple of intense studio sessions and dozen of hours spent on songwriting, lyrics writing, recording, mixing and mastering. What's next? Shooting a meaningful and great looking music video, indeed. Everything is covered starting with pre-production (script writing, location scouting, character casting, dancers, coreography, rehearsals) to production (shooting the music video, scenography, lighting, grip, logistics, etc.) and finally, the post-production process (editing, vfx, color grading). For smaller projects, shooting a budget music video is the next best option. Lyric videos with more or less complex kinetic typography is definitely a good alternative to releasing your song with engaging visual content, other than a music video.

Once the release and the music video are ready to be uploaded on streaming platforms, a new journey begins: how to properly promote a song to reach the right audience in the most engaging possible way, and this is where a well put together release strategy is crucial, covering all social media channels, music blogs, radio air play promotion, selling music on all distribution platforms, etc.

Now that the song and its music video are released, the music production process is pretty  much done, right? In our opinion, not at all. Our remixers are here to get that radio edit version even further, by remixing it and take it to audiences that otherwise wouldn't give much importance to a radio edit, since they are rather digging different music sub-genres, like deep house, melodic techno, progressive, tropical, chillout and so on. Sometimes, even releasing  the most simple acoustic version of your single can be the perfect reason to remind your fans to subscribe to your newsletter or social media channels.


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    Great recording experience! Thank you for your professionalism.Golan

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    Super vibe, first of all !!! The rest of the things are details and I frame them as professionalism !Pepe

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    An amazing team, it's always been a pleasure to work with them for the simple fact that they do everything professionally yet with passion. Thank you for everything!Mia Gold

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    Basically, they love what they Do and they do it well.. passionately do their best to deliver... They also have a long term vision and that affects the way they work..from the way they treat their clients well to the way they handle their projects... It's not that difficult to know serious guys... when u see them, u know them... Thumbs up!!!Tobiloba

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    Professionalism, 10000% involvement, quality ... simply the best! A great collaboration and a great experience!Franny

Custom songwriting and music production services

We invite you to listen and choose your next single from the many "radio ready" demo songs that we have wrote . These are complete songs (include lyrics, mixing, mastering, complete arrangement) and are available to be recorded with your voice and released! Their fees differ depending on the complexity of the arrangement and orchestration, and can be adapted to your vocal range or modified until you feel that they totally fit your artistic personality.

Ready to roll with us?

Let's sum it up!

Get your next release perfectly crafted by top rated songwriters and producers, totally relevant to your musical persona. You can choose from dozens of pre-produced and totally customizable demo songs, co-writing your next single together, or start writing by yourself on our instrumentals.
Either being a music label, media agency or indie artist, pitching your radio-ready single or choosing the right song for music sync have never been easier. From Pop to EDM, Future Bass to Hip-Hop, Orchestral to Trap, we got them all covered!
If you are also producing your own music, we can find ways to improve it by polishing your song through professional mixing and mastering, developing the catchiest vocal melodic line perfectly suited to your vocal range with our topliners / professional vocal producers, better connect with your audience by meaningful lyrics writing.

Ready to roll with us? Let's sum it up!

We also cover services from fields that are complementary to songwriting and audio production in general, such as cinematography (more exactly, music video production and developing release and promotion strategies. We are also working on the artist development side, continuosly networking and refining our approach to the most up-to-date promotion strategies, searching for publishing, co-publishing and sub-publishing opportunities, sync agencies deals, featurings and collaborations with other artists, image association and other ways to monetize content. Have a look on our portfolio, read more about our activity and if you think you are ready to write history together, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!



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