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Backing Tracks and Instrumentals For Sale

Are you looking for backing tracks licensed on an exclusive basis on top of which you can record your own vocal melodies and  release your own songs ? You've come to the right place - pick those backing tracks that you like the most, create your own vocal hooks, write your own lyrics and we will sign the backing track on an exclusive deal, while splitting the royalties. If you want us to write the lyrics on your vocal hooks or create the vocal melodies on your lyrics, this is possible too.If you need an original complete production of a song, you might want to take a listen to our demo songs for sale, ready to be released with your vocals. If you already have the backing track (instrumental version), you might be looking for songwriting, recording, mixing or mastering services.


Backing Tracks / Instrumentals

Producers & Songwriters
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Original Exclusive Backing Tracks For Sale

Your next single - just add your own vocal hooks on our instrumentals and beats

Let our original backing tracks inspire you in creating your own vocal melodies or send us your vocals hooks and we will create from scratch customized backing tracks. If you need help in creating backing vocals and harmonies or to create better toplines (vocal melodies), our vocal producers (a vocal producer is the perfect blending of a songwriter and a vocal coach) will get the best results based on your vocal ambitus and voice particularities.

Instrumentals and backing tracks - create your vocal hooks and harmonies, write your own lyrics, record the song and release it

We are working with some of the most talented session musicians and instrument players out there so we can get the most unique and up to date sounding backing tracks, beats and instrumentals. If you need an acoustic version of your song, send us the acapella and we will create its piano or guitar backing track version. Or maybe you want a remix - our producers and remixers are ready to bring the desired sound to your release. Another option is to make customized backing tracks - instrumentals that are made with certain sound in mind. In order to do that, please send us some examples of songs that have the type of backing track that you are looking for and we will get a similar sounding backing track - but with different harmonies and melodies, so no copyright issues will occur.



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