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Pop Demo Songs

Pop Demo Songs

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Pop Demo Songs

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Pop Demo Songs – Release-ready complete arrangements (backing tracks, toplines, lyrics) for you

Pop Demo Songs - Construction Kits, Fruity, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, templates

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Pop Demo Songs – Co-write your next singles with top music producers

Here’s something that some of the world’s most famous record producers , best mixing and mastering engineers, top rated music producers and Billboard charted songwriters will tell you about the most famous songs: they all started with a demo song! For some of them it started with the  catchy vocal melodies (toplines), for others it was all about the lyrics or the overall sound that made something to click and become viral for the critical masses, but each and every hit song on this planet started was, at some point, presented as a demo song. Some of them were rejected by the decision makers (music label’s a&r’s, artists managers, the artists themselves etc.), even though they had great potential (you could read our article on this topic: Top 15 demo songs that turned into hits after being rejected by established artists ) while others were rejected by the decision makers, but strongly supported by the artists and they finally made into charts (Beyonce has some great stories on this side). On “Amy”, the documentary centered on Amy Winehouse’s life, released in 2015, you can hear the initial demo recording of  “Rehab” that lately made it into US Top 10 Billboard, winning three Grammy awards and becoming her signature song. Even though the final release might be significantly different than the initial demo was in the first place, and this is normal, a demo song should be polished enough for the decision makers or the artist to get a clue of what the song might sound in the end.

Pop demo songs – All they need is your vocals on top and a solid release strategy

Here at Songwriting Experts, we spend countless hours in our studios trying to get the most relevant pop demo songs for you. Even though that you can hear above will suffer more or less obvious changes in the end, they are presented as complete packages that you can record right away: they have both lead vocal and backing vocals melodies, meaningful lyrics, backing tracks that are ready to be transposed to any key, so that they will totally fit with your vocal range.  Our recommendation would be to pick those that you find the most relevant for your style and get in touch with us by filling up the form on our contact page. We can put them on hold for the period of the time that you need to decide regarding which of them would be the most appropriate to be released as your next single.

Things that should be considered when choosing one of our pop demo songs:

  • Our pop demo songs are licensed on an exclusive basis, so that the artists that we are signing with will be the only party allowed to make them publicly available and monetize their masters accordingly;
  • We offer flexible payment installments options, divided on each project stage (put on hold the demo songs that you like for the time that you need to record the vocals, either in our studio or remotely, then having them professionally mixed and mastered along with the backing tracks, finishing touches, and even releasing lyrics videos or complete music videos for them);
  • All of the papers with all the people involved in the songwriting team are already signed and registered within the copyright collecting societies, so you only need to sign with us in order to secure them for you;
  • We are also into co-writing sessions based on your inputs or musical sketches / ideas – some reference tracks would be helpful in the initial stages of our collaboration, so we could come up with a personalized demo as closest to your needs as fast as possible. We’ll keep in touch with Skype sessions so that all the details of our collaboration will be taken care of in a timely manner;
  • Since all of our projects are based on an hourly/daily studio booking working sessions, we always deliver as previously agreed with the artists that we are collaborating with – so you can stay assured that no delays will occur when working with us;

If you preffer listening to our demo tracks as Soundcloud embeds, here they are: