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Songwriters, Music Producers, Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Lyric Writers

Full Range Music Production Studio: Songwriting, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

We are offering so much more than just audio production services; we support artists in their development. Our mission is to help both upcoming and established artists evolve and develop their musical persona by providing a complete array of music production services that will bring them closer to their audience and turn it in a loyal fanbase.

Wherever you'd be in your music career right now, we have thought of different ways we could meet within your musical journey:

Demo Songs - Ready to be released songs with your vocals on top

Looking for your next single?

Choose your next hit single from within our perfectly crafted radio airplay friendly demo songs. These are complete songs (including vocal hooks, lyrics, arrangement), ready to be recorded and released! Most of the times, they have both female and male versions, and they can be tweaked so they can perfectly fit your needs.

Customized music production / songwriting

Please send us more information with your ideas (maybe the type of sound that you are looking for, or hit us up with some examples of songs that could be relevant in this regard) and have a look on our page dedicated to custom songwriting; Or maybe you are a singer-songwriter and have some ideas that you’d like turn into final masters and you need our co-writing and co-production services. Please send us your ideas to get us started (being it the vocal melodic line (acapella) or maybe some lyrics or whatever would be needed to get us started) and we’ll do the backing tracks (instrumental), crafting the topline, lyrics, backing vocals, recording, mixing and mastering, so that, in the end, we’ll have a complete new song based on your initial idea/sketch;

Music Production

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Experienced record producers, songwriters, topliners, mixing and mastering engineers

Our skilled team of music producers and songwriters are ready to accept any challenge when it comes to music production, from cinematic orchestral music to dubstep remixes. We are working with the best local instrument players and remotely with session players from all over the world. Whatever you need, we will deliver it beyond your expectations, being it recording a real string section, funky guitar licks or … peruvian instruments! We have the best virtual instruments and effects available on the market and also top notch workstations that will flawlessly sustain even the most cpu intensive scoring sessions or heavy mixing and mastering project with most authentic sounding plugins like those made by Acustica.Even though we are totally involved with music production, we also take care of other fields that have to do with music, like artist development and management, music publishing, shooting music videos, making lyric videos, music business tuition, etc.

Customized Lyrics Writing

Music is an exchange of emotions

Are you a singer - songwriter and you need to step your game up on how the lyrics should be written? Reach and build connection with your audience with heart-crafted lyrics writing;

Professional mixing and mastering services

For those of you who are producers / songwriters or home studio owners seeking for your songs to have that modern, polished sound, you are invited to try out our online professional mixing and mastering services - send us your multitrack session of your song for a quotation and a free demo;


Making your music interesting to new audiences

A remix is one of the best tools to use when you want to reach new audiences – check our remixing services dedicated page and have your radio edit version immersed into other musical genres;

Artist Development

Every now and then we are also approached by artists that are preparing for their first single release and don’t have yet come up with a strategy. Don’t worry, we take the time to find what would your strengths as an artist and build upon those, also with advising on what would the things to avoid. Yeah, it has to do more with the artist management side of the music business, but it’s our both parties’ interest to come up with best solution for each particular project.
So, if you are an upcoming artist our recommendation would be to set up some skype sessions during which we’ll discuss over what type of song would best fit your musical identity and also your vocal range and start sketching up some ideas in that direction. When we’ll find that sweet spot between what would be the type of music that you’d proudly identify with and also the best way to deliver it, you’ll be ready to record your next single and build the proper release strategy. Please send us an email and we’ll be glad to set up a skype session in one of our in-between studio recording or songwriting sessions breaks.


Catchy vocal melodies for those groovy backing tracks

Making your own backing tracks / instrumentals, but searching for the vocal hook like icing on the cake? Our vocal producers and topliners are here to drop catchy toplines for both lead and backing vocalists, perfectly suited to their vocal ambitus and the key of your song;

Custom backing tracks

Do you find yourself humming vocal melodies all day long? We will create the beds of sounds underneath them - the instrumentals / backing tracks that will turn your ideas into ready-to-record songs. Take a listen to our custom backing tracks, beats, orchestration & instrumentals or contact us with your specific request on making a customized version of a backing track.



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