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Custom songwriting / co-writing is the professional way to have the sound in your head properly translated to your audience!

A good song starts with a great vocal hook, sustained by a chord progression and orchestrated in a musical genre that fits the musical persona of a particular artist. And this is where custom songwriting and co-writing process needs a professional music production team to rely on!

When it comes to songwriting, our approach varies from complete demo songs / hitpacks (songs that are based on our vision regarding how a contemporary, Billboard-friendly hit should sound like) to custom songwriting /co-writing – songs that are written or co-written based on specific requests (musical genre, the vocal performer’s ambitus (vocal range), tempo, the key of the song, etc.)

In the case of a custom songwriting studio session, we always ask for particular songs that should be taken as a reference.

This way, we could better understand the artists’ preferences regarding the song. Sometimes, we’re given different ingredients that we should take into consideration: maybe one song’s arrangement is the one we should use as an inspirations when building our brand new composition (for example, it should start with the chorus, sung by the lead vocal only, with the long, sustained piano chords), or maybe the artists finds that the bass type of groove of another song would perfectly blend in with the this “larger than life” drums groove from the chorus of this other song. Of course, we always come up with our recommendation, and we often give what the artist’s finds to be even better options that the ones he/she was thinking of.

When it’s about a co-writing studio session, we are building around the artist’s input (being it the accapella, lyrics, or just ideas).

Sometimes it can be a top line, a vocal melodic hook that he/she came up with, so we take care of the backing tracks and the lyrics (along with the recording, mixing and mastering) or maybe we have to start from some particular lyrics written by the artist, so that we are writing the toplines based on the meaning and the musical phrasing of these particular lyrics. Most of the top rated artists are crafting their performance and show skills, while leaving music producers to take care of the custom songwriting process.

custom songwriting co-writing
custom songwriting co-writing

Custom songwriting and this whole process of building a song around certain elements can take it to places that could have been missed initially, and that’s the beauty of working in a creative environment

In case of us building everything else around a particular vocal melodic hook (acapella), most of the times we found ways to improve it, making it more suitable to the performer’s vocal range, or maybe by giving it a more interesting melodic phrasing/flow, and this happens in the case of  lyrics writing, too, by finding much interesting words or metaphors, or improving their phrasing in order to make it more “melody-friendly“.

We are only using the most up-to-date sound designing techniques – that fresh sound is our signature!

The way music sounds is evolving in such a manner that we are taking quite a huge amount of the time to explore what makes certain productions sound “hip” – sometimes it can be blending natural instruments with layers of synth sounds, in a barely distinguishable manner or rather “in your face”, some other times it’s about using the most creative ways of processing the tracks in the production stage. Experimenting is the key and we’re here to take the most out of it!

recording trumpet for custom backing tracks
producing movie scores cinematic music

Custom songwriting is about expressing your vision

We can be very specific in our approach to build the music around your vision, so let us amaze you with the way we could blend our skills with your unique way of expressing yourself as an artist. We have successfully completed a whole lot of projects that vary from underground to indie, world music to atonal. We tend to listen and enjoy a very broad palette of music genres, and diversifying our portfolio with something new is one of our favorite challenges!

We collaborate with top rated session musicians

The best way to get a particular sound can involve recording sessions with the people that are mastering their instruments. We have build connections with top session musicians around the world, so whether you need top notch drummers, guitarists, string ensembles, ethnic instruments, you name it – we got you covered!

producer for teen band guitar pop

Here are some examples of our recent work on custom songwriting and co-writing:

Natalia joined us on a co-writing studio session regarding a song dedicated to her husband: “My Vow”. We wrote the lyrics together and also worked together on the toplines. We orchestrated the song so that it would definitely fit that acoustic pop ballad sound that she was looking for, then we recorded the vocals and the backing vocals and we put the cherry on top by adding a full day mixing and mastering studio session!

Maria Marr (UK) have sent us the acapella of her latest single, “Show me that you can”, recorded with her phone, asking us to take care of the custom backing track and everything that would be needed so that the final sound should be a radio-friendly festival type of EDM smasher. We started by recommending her ways that her initial idea could be improved: we raised the tempo (most of the times when writing songs using piano or guitar, they tend to be more in the “ballad” ballpark), then we have made a much dynamic interval in her top line by raising the chorus to the limit of her vocal range and build up a wall of backing vocals around her lead vocal line. After the instrumental was ready, we invited her to come to record the vocals in our studio, since we have this famous vocal microphone (AKG C24  (the stereo version of AKG C12) that is used by Billboard acts like Beyonce, Madonna, INNA, etc.) In the end, after finishing the arrangement, proper vocal editing, and painstakingly careful mixing and mastering, the final result was the one that you can listen to in her official music video:

customized backing tracks

J C Jones wanted a customized version of an already released song, so that he could make a cover version that would fit his vocal range, so we had to make the transposed backing track in the required key. After making the instrumental, he recorded in our studio, then he have mixed and mastered the song, accordingly.

Geneva (California) needed a custom songwriting studio session for her debut single,  that she wanted to be in the style of Rihanna / The Weeknd, with that future chill vibe. Within the next two or three skype sessions we asked her to make live versions of different songs in this genre – this process helped us to establish her vocal range and identify what would be those things that would sound best for her voice. As soon as we had the backing track, she recorded remotely and then the recording studio send us the multitrack recording session, so we could comp it and get the final version of the lead vocals and some backing vocals, too. We added even more backing vocals, then, after the final arrangement, proper mixing and mastering, we got the “ready to be released” version. Geneva asked for some small tweakings, then we released it:

Tobiloba is a gospel singer/songwriter that has chosen our studio for his latest single – “Love greater than”. He already had the lyrics and the vocal melodic line, so we created together the backing track, then we recorded the backing vocals, some saxophone licks and after a mixing and mastering session, we had this version, that we shoot a music video for, few days later.

In order to celebrate 20 years after their first single, Class, a local top act, decided to make a dnb remix version of “A,dui,doina”, a classic hit of 90’s. So we put our custom songwriters hats on and came out with a “liquid drum and bass” modern approach for the instrumental, we have re-recorded the vocals, dedicated a day for mixing and mastering, and then we teamed up with Grolsch and Experimentalist for a pretty sick music video:

Tudor Turcu, X-Factor winner was looking for a modern dubstep/rock approach, so we gathered up for a custom songwriting and co-writing (he did his own lyrics) session.

Ala Cheptini, opera soprano on National Opera of Bucharest, after recording several classical arias decided to take her musical career to the next level by having her own original written songs.

She wanted us to make a custom songwriting studio sessions for her first two original singles.We have also recommended her to make a featuring with two different artists, one for each single, so we choose Ioan Man, an X-Factor finalist for “Make a wish”, which was has an adult contemporary approach, and John Brasel for “Meaning of Life”, which was meant to have a more cinematic/downtempo approach:

It goes without saying, if you need custom songwriting or a professional team to take care of your music production needs, don’t hesitate to contact the songwriting experts team!