Lyrics Writing The message behind the words

In pop music, lyrics are one of the most important element, and also one of the most overlooked one. Yes, there are a tons of songs with cheesy lyrics, but the songs that lasts are the ones with strong lyrics message. Lyrics writing skills are one of the most important elements could make the difference between a heart moving hit and just another average song.

Lyrics writing – The art and the science

The days of the “I love you, I need you” type of lyrics are long gone.Even the most groove-based EDM tracks have lyrics with emotional hooks nowadays (think of Swedish House Mafia “Don’t you worry, child”, for example. There is pure poetry there, and the vocal performer is adding weight to the message by his emotion driven interpretation. Put them together and you have a top notch package!).

Still, your lyrics should be as universal as possible, but in a unique way, so that your fans could easily relate to them and feel that emotional bound that  will make them want to listen to a song again and again, sending their favorite lines to their friends/lovers, posting them on their social media channels, and so on.

lyrics writing / songwriting

Music is pure transfer of emotions. You need the right words for that!

We spend a lot of time crafting memorable and soul-touching lyrics,  based on a genuine concept, giving the song a memorable title, carefully translating universal emotions by using unique metaphors. Lyrics writing involves a lot of retouching, editing, replacing words with even better ones, combining them in unusual ways, avoiding ambiguous meaning and juggling with techniques that were improved by years of experience.

Custom lyrics writing –  professional lyrics writers for hire / collaboration

Lyric writing is both an art and a science. The art side is more linked to poetry, talent, being gifted, while the science side is more linked with rhythm and musical phrasing and technique.

In our approach to songwriting, mostly on the demo songs that we are producing but sometimes it happens even we are engaged into custom songwriting studio sessions, it’s the topline (the lead vocal hook) that is guiding us into writing the lyrics of the song, and we have to find the best words that would fit that particular musical phrasing, which could sometimes be very difficult to do, since the natural accents of the syllables are not the same with the musical accents.  When we are involved in co-writing a song, most of the times it’s the lyrics that we are starting with, so that the lead vocal hook must be conceived in such a manner that it should fit the lyric phrasing.

Sometimes we are asked to write the lyrics based on a specific story or message, maybe for a break-up song, or a song dedicated to the one you love. We ask for as many details that would make that story stand up as unique and memorable, then we work on making it a universal experience for the audience.

Examples of our lyrics writing skills

Here are some of the lyrics written by our team members, used on our demo songs:

Wilder Side (Example of Lyric writing for Future Chill)

All the walls that you’ve built up will keep you safe, but cold

Dare to reach for the light that will  turn your heart to gold

No need to overthink this, ust trust your inner child

So leave the fear behind now and step out of your pride

Sail your way, Sail your way,

Through the winter storm

Down the bay , down the bay

I’ll pray to keep you warm
Meet me on the wilder side if you wanna be together

Where the shore and waves collide, when the never meets forever

Make it happen, girl, I’ll make it wonderful

make me feel like no one else did

My love is like a waterfall, it will only wash your soul

Grab my hand, have some faith now

That’s all you got to do

Some mistakes are allowed if they are made by two
And every now and then I, I’ll take you by surprise

Whenever you’ll forget that there’s life under the ice


All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).

Hit And Run (Example of Lyrics writing for Pop Songs)

How’d I get here, embracing silence?
Shoulda learned from all of my mistakes
Had it all and lost it back now
You stole the stars from my dreams
I’m gonna make the first move
Your love is kinda hit and run
Who’s gonna make the first move
When everything is said and done?
On battlefields I’m blindly running
I’ll dissapear In this sea of nowhere
I keep turning pages without regrets
I had enough waiting I’m loosing my bets
Ashes to ashes see where it gets ?
Igniting the torches In the cave of bats
No more wander, No need to say good bye
Been there, done that, tear-dried eyes
The show is over, I’m packing up my pieces
I’ll be gone in a blink of an eye


All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).

I Promised Myself (Example of Lyric writing for Pop/Ballad/Future Chill)

I promised myself once again

All of this pain must come to an end

No I won’t be the one

That you’re fooling around with (anymore)

I promised myself to give up

Since Loving you hurts like a  paper cut

Tired of the tears that were filling my cup  (nevermore)


the ground that I walk feels so thin

cold like the air that I’m breathing

Rushing my steps through the storm

no time to look back, it’s time to move on

Cause’ I have no regrets but I never forget,  I never forget now

I’ll be crushing your heart without breaking a sweat


Oh, you know I always keep my promises

baby it was too much poison burning in my veins that I need to release

I’ve been here already

so many times before

you took my love for granted

now you’re bound to fall


I’m just a broken mirror

Time to face the truth

it’s all coming back

and you’re begging for more


Now that I’ve closed all the doors

Found myself feeling so strong

Don’t hold your breath for my call

This time I’m sailing far from your shore

I’ll just bypass my heart, it’s a matter of time

but I’ll be all right

There comes a time when you don’t wish to press rewind


All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).

Lost (Example of Lyric writing for Rnb/Pop)

I used to think I’m on my own
When I was just so damn alone
Thinking i was doing fine
The time was leaving me behind
I was about to loose the fight
Was it about me
or was it more than that?

Lost in the labyrinth of life
chasing love crumbs on the floor
Wandering half alive
finding you would break the walls

Put the hope back in my eyes
help me to can’t help myself
Falling in love again
Counting heartbeats hand in hand

I was so scared to face myself
way to afraid to leave my shell
when life was happening out there
Ain’t got no time to wait in line
My soul is aching for what’s mine
Are you the one who?
could make it all true?


All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).

Hurricane (Example of Lyric writing for Trap/Future Bass)

Fire running through my veins
Nobody’s winning in this race
I’m feeling that the future’s
By my side
Trapped inside this labyrinth
Restless chasing my own dreams
The storm is predicted
It’s time to spread my wings

They can’t hold me down
They won’t take my crown
Turning ashes into flames
I’m coming up like a HURRICANE
They can’t hold me down
They won’t take my crown
You’d better run
I’m coming like a HURRICANE

All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).

Breakout (Example of Lyrics writing for Pop Ballad)

I feel like I’m losing something inside
The way we die makes me thirsty for life
We lost all the passion as time went by
I’m staring at us with an empty mind

Can’t take this no longer
There’s nothing that could hold me back
Don’t cry now, it’s over
I’m gonna fade into the dark

Breakout, this place is getting crowded
I’ll break out, you took my love for granted
I’ll break right through these walls
You didn’t know how to keep me close
Breakout, I’m running like a bandit
I’ll break out, you took my love for granted
I know I’m strong enough I’ll be taking the shackles off

All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).

Learning to fall (Example of Lyric writing for Pop/Ballad/Future Chill)

All you see, is a lie
Including everything that you thought was alright
Would you change, if you knew,
How much of you was lost when you left me behind
I’m standing broken and confused
My life is nowhere close to good,
I’m trying to ignore the truth, yeah
I’d like to think there’s one more chance
For us to make it to the end,
Love is the puzzle we can blend

I am learning to fall
Cause you left me no hope
Love is simply unfolding
From everything that it’s holding

All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).

A night to remember (Example of Lyric writing for Pop Music)

Verse 1
I wonder why
The moonlight makes me feel alive
I think that no one can deny
The most of the fun always happens at night
A kiss or two
It was enough to realize
I won’t forget your amber eyes
I melt like an icecream just thinking of you

A night to remember
Brought us together
Guilty for pleasure
You played me like no one has done it before

When you’re hearing “knock-knock”
Open up your heart
Let your body talk take my senses through rooftop
We’re playing with fire, the game of desire
Invisible wires are taking us higher.

All rights reserved – Songwriting Experts 2017 (C) & (P).