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Become a music business investor - invest in music artists, musicians, singers

When talent meets opportunity, great things are about to happen! As a music production and music video production studio, we work on a daily basis with music artists, songwriters, music producers, music video directors and local acts. Our conclusion is that there are a lot of talented artists that only lack proper funding and management to break through. Now you can be a music business investor and act like a record label by choosing the right songs for the right artists and own music royalties from the master records in exchange for funding those releases.

Invest in a uprising music artist and share royalties

Behind some of the greatest acts there are more or less known "angels"- be a patreon!

The idea is as straightforward as can be: help musicians get the songs they deserve and help them breakthrough and get exposure to their fans by choosing the right songs for the right artists. There are several ways to do that:
- Buy vouchers with studio time for the artists of your choice or for the ones that we could recommend you as being top notch in terms of talent and professionalism;
- act like a record label: buy and own mechanical royalties (master record deals) of a particular song (chosen from our demo songs) sung by an artist of your choice or one chosen on our recommendation (we can even set up castings and you can choose the artist that caught your attention; in addition to that, a proper release is recommended, with a music video and a release promotion strategy; - buy custom produced songs (master record deal) for the artists of your choice, with complete release strategy, including music video and a promotion plan. Get in touch for further details.

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