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Metropolis Ark 3

I remember buying Metropolis Ark 1 right after hearing it at their NAMM booth. We loved its user friendly-ness and also the huge sound. Ark 2 was more intimate, and it would have been a nice add-on , but Ark 3 is definitely something that we’ll dig in and out for its deeply cinematic pulses and accentuations, available as both loops and single articulations.

The submenus called “Districts” are present in this library, too, and there are four of them: District 1 – The Beating Orchestra ( String Quintet being a nice addition to String, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Orchestras, also Taiko and Percussion ensembles), District II – Percussion Ensembles (Taiko, Percussion, Timpani), District III – Solo Percussion (Taikos, Percussion, Grand Piano), District IV: Orchestral Sections (Highs Strings, Low Strings, High Woodwinds, Low Woodwinds, Trumpet and Horn Ensemble, Low Brass). The articulations cover both single and triplet upbeats, with various lenghts of crescendo and diminuendo. The library was recorded at the superb sounding Teldex scoring stage in Berlin.

District 1 – The Beating Orchestra has plenty of rolls ( they are not auto-repeated) and it sounds nothing less than HUGE. Taiko drums are available as both ensembles and solo, the Grand Piano has a wide array of very interesting effects, while the Timpani section is definitely the best we’ve ever heard on a sample library!

Ark3 is an add-on to Ark1 and Ark2, rather than an upgrade

What we love the most at Ark 3 is the fact that it’s intended to cover arias complementary to those from Ark1 or Ark2,  like an “add-on” rather than an “upgrade” and it’s not intended for those looking for an “all around” orchestral library. One of our favourite articulation is the repetition ( of course, time-synched with the tempo of your project), available in various note denomniations, including triplets and single articulations, with keyswitches from one note duration to another in Multiple mode.

As for technical details, it would worth mention the fact that library has a whooping 111 Gb of samples, at 24 bit / 48 Khz with up to 47 articulations per section are covered, and the supperb percussion section includes Taiko drums. It is based on Capsule and requires full Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.7.1 . Its introductory price is 399 Eur ( + applicable tax), or 299 eur for owners of Ark 1 or Ark2. These promotional prices are available until January 2018, 31.

Ark 3 is intended for those looking for cinematic pulsating rhythms and it’s one of the best for this purpose. Those that already own Sonokineticc’s Maximo or Cinesamples’ Deep Percussion Beds 1 and 2 will definitely love this one, too!