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Meet our A-team of songwriters and music producers


We are aware that doing music can be almost impossible to  manage by yourself, so that’s why we gathered up a team of songwriters in which any of us has particular skills related to music production, being them sound design, playing a musical instrument, vocal coaching, lyric writing, professional mixing and mastering.

The process of making a song from start to finish

We work with both worldwide and local, already established, upcoming or artists that are just starting out. We’ve came up with a straightforward, easy to follow process that will get your project completed in a timely manner:

As simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. contact Songwriting Experts team by sending a detailed email (whether it’s about a producing a full song or rather about custom songwriting, producing the instrumental, writing lyrics, recording some specific instruments or mixing/mastering, please send us some other songs that could be considered as a reference and maybe some of your previous work, etc.);
  2. We’ll get back to you with a personalized offer. After agreeing on the contract terms, payment and time schedule, we’ll  set up some skype sessions in which we are discussing over the production details: which key should it be written in, what tempo should it follow, also rehearsing together so we could spot specific qualities of each of the vocalists that we are working with and use them while writing the topline (for the lead vocals) and the backing vocals. In parallel, we’ll start working on the particular task that we were asked to and we’ll start sending ideas that will build up to its completion withing the agreed time period. Only after all of these aspects have been taking care of, we’ll recommend for the artist to book a recording session by meeting in our studio or by remotely recording within other local studios.
  3. If you cannot come by to our studio, there will be a remote recording session, we will need the project or the multitrack. We will get in touch with the local studio and establish all the technical details. Then, we’ll start editing the vocal recordings, mix and master those with the backing tracks and send over the first draft of the master file. If further tweakings are needed, we’ll adress those within the following days.

We have one of the best vocal recording microphone




If you choose to record in our studio, you’ll have access to one of the best microphone for recording vocals (and more other instruments), the famous AKG C24 – known as the Rolls Royce of the microphones, it’s the stereo version of the AKG C12. It is used for their studio albums by top Billboard artists like Beyonce, Madonna, etc. We also got its little brother, the AKG C414 B-ULS TLII, so we got you covered when it’s about choosing the best microphone for your voice!


Here you have the presentation of some of the most prolific members of our songwriting team. As songwriters, we are involved with the music industry, too,  covering artist management and development (from vocal coaching, offering advice on music career approach, promotion, etc.) to different aspects of how to monetize music (publishing, distribution, synchronization, etc.), but each of these music business related topic will be further discussed separately.


Alex Toma


Mihaela Cernea




Alex Nitu

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We’re here to help you come up with undeniable good music, the type of songs that would catch your audience attention straight from the very first listening.

Music is nothing else than pure transfer of emotions, and since we are made out of emotions,  we only need the proper vehicle to translate them into sounds. Let’s write together your next best song and run with it, make it happen, make it big!