Andy Van Pop – Lost Ways (recording, mixing, mastering, video production)

Andy Van Pop is one of the most talented young songwriter that we had the pleasure to work with, judging not only by the freshness of his style and lyrics, but also by his skills as a DJ and music producer.

Producing the music video for Andy Van Pop - Lost Ways
Andy Van Pop Lost Ways Music Video

His latest single – “Lost Ways”, is the first release from his upcoming studio album, and it was written entirely by himself, recorded, mixed and mastered in our studio. We crafted the vocal harmonies so that they naturally evolve from verses to a powerful chorus, perfectly blending with the orchestration.

We recorded the lead vocals with our AKG C24 (the stereo version of the superb AKG C12), one of the most sought-after microphone for recording vocals, for its ability to capture those rich harmonics in Andy’s voice, then we put his little brother, the AKG C414 B-ULS TLII, also one of the world’s greatest recording engineer favourite vocal microphone, slammed into the Universal Audio’s SOLO/610 Classic Tube Preamplifier  to deal with the backing vocals, for a slightly different character.

For mixing we went for that Neve sound, perfectly emulated by Acustica Audio’s Lime plug in (probably the best Neve 88RS plugin emulation in the ITB mixing world), with a touch of Luca Pretolesi (Studio DMI) ‘s Diamond’s  type of shine on the vocals, while for the mastering stage we went for that SPL IRON mastering compressor flavour, offered by Acustica’s Coral plugin.

Andy Van Pop choose Paphos, Cyprus as being the best location that we could shoot the music video for Lost Ways, especially the Coral Bay area and Akamas, with beautiful landscapes, true eye candies, as you could see for yourself in the introductory establishing shots (drone aerial shots made with DJI Mavic Pro). Then we choose Cap St. George Beach Resort  as being the most classy location that we could found in Cyprus (also close to George Michael’s house, in the Peya region). For the indoor and low light shots we choose the king of low light cameras of them all, the mighty Sony A7S2, with the 50mm Zeiss Loxia lens, shooting with the widest aperture.

While we were editing and color grading the music video, Andy Van Pop went viral (more than 200k views) with a song that he wrote, inspired by the Love Island’s theme, named “Eggs in a basket” that was later taken over by the Mirror UK, Huffington Post Uk and also broadcasted in the the Love Island UK show itself.

Enjoy the “Lost Ways” music video here: