Authorizing and installing Acustica Audio plugins

How to install and authorize Acustica plugins like Sand, Lime, Coral, Ultramarine, Acquamarine, White, Ivory, Purple, Pink, Amber, Scarlet, Navy, Honey, Diamond, Magenta, Emerald, Gold, Nebula, N4

Hi! I am Alex Toma, local dealer (RO) for Acustica Audio and this is my step-by-step, fail safe tutorial for installing and authorizing Acqua plugins (both fully licensed and free trial versions). If you have further questions regarding Acustica’s Acqua plugins or Nebula 4 (N4), don’t hesitate to contact me here using this link: Official Acustica Audio Plugins Online Dealer. I am always glad to help you with educational, group-buy and bundle discounts.

Also, don’t miss this article where I explain why I prefer to use Acustica’s plugins like Lime, Sand, Coral, Purple, Pink, Diamond, Gold, Navy, Ultramarine, Acquamarine, Nebula4, Ivory, Magenta as hardware software emulations and why I prefer them over other plugins, like those developed my Steven Slate, Waves, Universal Audio, etc.

Without further adu, let’s jump in with the process of installing and authorizing both commercial and free trial version of Acqua plugins on windows.

  1. In order to download and install Acqua plugins or Nebula, you have to make an account on Acustica’s website  first, by clicking on the “Login/Register” tab;Acustica Acqua plugin installing authorizing
  2. Click on “Register”; if you already have an account,  you can jump straight to step no.7;acustica sand
  3. Fill in the empty spaces with all the required data; acustica lime
  4. After all the data has been properly filled in, click on “Register”; You should get this message: acustica coral
  5. Log in on your registered email account; you should have a mail from Acustica in the inbox. Click on the link;acustica acqua plugins installing authorizing
  6.  After all the steps have been sucessfully completed, you should get this message:acustica white 2
  7.  Click again on the “Login/Register” button; acustica pink 2412
  8.  Click on “Store” > “Acqua plugins” > “Trial series” if you want to download the free 30 days trial version or “Store” > “Acqua plugins” > “Commercial series” if you want to buy the licensed version. acustica pink 7236acustica pink2
  9.  For the 30 days free trial versions, select the plugins you’d want to try out by following this path: “Store” > “Acqua plugins” > “Trial series”, then check the “Add to cart” option for each of them; acustica ivory
  10. After adding the desired plugins, click on “Checkout”; acustica ultramarine
  11. Click again on the “Checkout” option; acustica diamond
  12.  Confirm your order (for the free trial version, the total will always be 0 eur); acustica gold
  13.  Click on the link to download the plugins; acustica nebula 4 crack
  14. You could also click on the “Dashboard” tab if you want to have access to the download links of all of your plugins; acustica magentaacustica navy
  15. Fill in the tab with the password (careful not to copy the empty space after the last character). Sometimes using Chrome browser is recommended, if you are having trouble with Firefox; acustica acquamarine3
  16.  If the password has been successfully inserted, you should have this window: acustica amethyst2
  17.  Proceed with the installation of the desired version (VST or AAX for Mac or Win, AU only for Mac). Here I will install the vst version for windows (using cubase), with the sample rate of 44.1 Khz; Some of the plugins have separate versions for 48, 88.2, 96 Khz and you’ll have to install those separately; For OSX, the steps are very similar, but the installing path is fixed ( Boot Partition> Library > Plugins> Components (for Audio Unit version) or VST (for VST) and Aux version for Pro Tools ; acustica Acquarius
  18.  After the download has been completed, double click on the executable file; acustica emerald
  19.  Follow the steps; don’t forget to check the “I accept the License Agreements terms” tick;acustica titanium 2
  20.  Choose the desired version (32 bit or 64 bit); acustica honey2
  21.  For Windows, the 32 and the 64 bit have different installing paths; Acustica Scarlet 3acustica amber
  22.  Click on the “Finish” button; acustica Amber
  23.  After successfully installing the plugins, your vst folder (in this case) should look like this: acustica sand fab4
  24. In order to authorize the plugins (both the trial version and the commercial versions), the steps are identical. If you work with Cubase, this should be run as admin by right clicking on the executable and then choose “Run as Administrator”.  Also, the account that you are using for the operating system (windows or Mac Os) should not be “Guest”; The files that have a “t” by the ending of their name are the trial versions; I suggest to remove those after purchasing the commercial versions of the same plugins, so that no confusion could occur; ZL stands for “Zero Latency”, which are a little bit CPU intensive, and should be used only when you need the zero latency mode, when you need them for instant signal monitoring; For Mac, I use Logic Pro X, which runs automatically as Administrator; acustica audio plugin discount codes
  25.  AFTER opening for the first time a specific plugin, a “.ser” file is created in the installation folder. This is the file that you should upload by using the “dashboard” tab on the website, in order to get the “.aut” file, that is the license for the authorized version of the plugins; acustica audio rose plugin
  26. On the Acustica Audio website, acces the “User area” > “Dashboard” tab, then scroll until you see the “Authorize Products” window. Here you have to click on “Choose files”, then select the “.ser” file for every plugin that you want to authorize (the plugins must be authorized one by one); acustica audio official dealer
  27.  As you can see, the “.ser” file for the Acquamarine plugin have been selected and will be uploaded for authorizing purpose;acustica audio nebula 4 libraries
  28.  acqua plugin crack
  29.  After uploading the “.ser” file, in about 1-2 minutes you will get an email containing the “.aut” ziped file as attachement. This is the license file and it can also be downloaded by accesing the  “ My Licenses” on the website; acustica nebula 4 free downloadacustica license files ser autacustica audio plugins bundle mixing mastering
  30. Copy the “.aut” file from the website or by unzipping the attachement that you just got on the email and paste it next to “.ser” file, in your vst folder ( on mac, on audio units – components folder, you will see two folders – Acustica64 is for 64 bit version of the plugins, and “Acustica” is for 32 bit version; acustica acqua plugins serial number download
  31. That’s it, happy tweaking!  regged acustica acqua plugins