Top five mistakes musicians tend to do during their career

A list of top 5 reasons of why musicians fail in pursuing their goals

Since we are in the music business for over 20 years already, we see these things repeating over and over again and blurry the vision of our fellow musicians. So we’ve made a top 5 list of things you’d rather avoid if you want to have a successful career as a  a musician. Actually, the fact that they are numbered means nothing, since each and every one of them is equally important. Without further adu, let’s move one with those:

top 5 mistakes musicians tend to do
  1. Waiting for that someone that will hopefully one day come to you and turn you into a star

    It’s 2017 already and some people are still waiting for that bold man dressed in a tuxedo that will hand them a contract that will basically mean they are now officially stars, and the only thing they should do from now on would be to sing on stadiums and ask for silly things in their riders, like having only green M&M’s served on a silver plate brought on a velvet pillow, all of these just because their  parents praise their bathroom singing. Sorry to be the ones that are breaking the soap bubble that most of the artists are still living in, but the music industry is all about hard work first and getting yourself heard, connect with people and convince them to actually pay you, being it in the form of attending your concerts, buying your music or engaging with your content, and you should be the first one that should take action into making this your everyday reality. It is as hard at it can be rewarding, so you should rather turn your dreams into a business plan on which you should work on a day-to-day basis as fast as possible. This brings to the table the next topic, which is…

  2. Failing at having a professional attitude with your collaborators

    This is actually more of a beginners’ syndrome – the experienced musicians have already understood that taking music seriously means treating it like a business, which implies that you will be more than likely have to work with a team of people – dealing with their egos (which, if we are talking about some other musicians, like your band members, can be a really delicate topic), treating their time with respect, keeping up with the schedule, and so on. There are some very few cases when musicians have managed to make it pretty well by their solo efforts, and if you are willing to take that route, be prepared to put a whole lot of time in it or to spend some money on paying other people help you to achieve all of your goals. Most of the times, these other people will work harder when being treated like they are a part of the project, rather than being paid for a job, so learning how to deal with their personalities will help in the long run.

  3. Making decisions based on what other people tells you to do rather than your gut

    In our career, we have seen countless examples of people being influenced in their decision by their families, friends, managers, label representatives, and so on, only to find out in the end that the fact that they made a featuring with this rapper, just because it’s trendy, or writing some outrageously cheesy lyrics because the teens are not into deep meaning anymore, didn’t quite help them in growing as an artist at all. Having a vision as an artist is mandatory, and building everything else around that vision is the way to go – stay true to yourself, get comfortable with taking and assuming your decisions and be prepared to push a little more to get your vision embraced by the others.

  4. Not properly promoting a song

    So you’ve made it – you just got your new single mastered and ready to rock to crowds, so you are uploading it on youtube (hopefully packed with a music video or at least a professionally looking lyric video) and the first thing you do in the morning is to wonder if the youtube’s monitoring views system is broken, since it can’t be possible for such a good song not to get those billions of views.

    Well, only putting your music on youtube means nothing – you have to properly and actively promote them – identify your audience and think of creative ways to reach it is at least as important as having your music professionally sounding. We’ve seen so many examples of artists thinking that the song is not good enough, just because their efforts of promoting it were close to zero.

    The fact that you’ve just released a damn good brand new single is only a piece of the puzzle – now it’s time to make it heard by that critical mass in every possible way – having it remixed in different genres, since those djs won’t put your dreamy pop ballad in the club (check our page dedicated to remixing a song), or, viceversa, if your single is an EDM banger, why don’t you make an acoustic version of it (listen to some examples of our work on our page dedicated to custom songwriting), making that crazy music video, or find that extra something that might be a burning topic at that moment (think of how Maroon 5 made that “Pokemon go” themed music video on their brand new single “Don’t wanna know”, when it was such a trending topic, or how they let you now that they might sing at your wedding if you can afford them with the  “Sugar” music video);

  5. Overthinking

    Music is to be felt, rather than analyzed based on certain algorithms, so overthinking about how the message behind the lyrics on the fourth line from the second verse could have different meanings , whether or not the  third chorus should modulate with two semitones instead of one (yeah, we all know, the singer loves to show off his vocal range), or spending too much time on debating over small details with no major consequences in the end can take precious time that should be rather spent on priorities.

    One of the most debate-generating topic that we encounter with the artists that we are working with is regarding the demo songs – most of the time the artist (or his/hers representatives) can’t decide which of the demos should he/she go with. Our advice would be to pick the one(s) that fits the most with its style and vocal range and keep the ball rolling. On the other side, we must admit that choosing only one from our demo songs is not always an easy thing to do – sometimes we get artists passing by to our studio and if we happen to have more than ten demos available at that time, the artist picks three or four of them at a time – since we can’t keep them reserved for more than one week, we can imagine that choosing only one or two can sometimes be a challenge. You might say that this is bragging, but please take a listen to our latest demo songs and then try to pick the one that you’d like to have it as your next single. If you accept our challenge, we are waiting for your email! And since sometimes we happen to first send the new available demo songs to the artists in our database before we make them available on our website, our recommendation would be to subscribe to our newsletter or simply send us an email with what would be the type of sound that you are after for your next single and we promise to get back to you with something that will get you anxious for your next release!

Top 5 mistakes musicians tend to do during their career
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Top 5 mistakes musicians tend to do during their career
A list of top 5 reasons of why musicians fail in pursuing their goals
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